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If you are a more experienced shooter or you have finished the coaching sheet, we participate in numerous competitions throughout the year. We compete with Aberdeen University, Robert Gordon University and St. Andrews University in the Scottish Student Sport (SSS) Rifle GP Series. Each university takes a turn to host the competition over a weekend where you will shoot shoulder-to-shoulder with other competitors. These competitions are a great way to experience competitive target shooting in a relaxed environment. These competitions are shot using smallbore rifles. There is a two-day outdoor competition with the Scottish universities in March which marks the end of the SSS smallbore competition calendar.

We also participate in the British Universities and Colleges (BUCS) Championships which involves institutions throughout Britain. This involves shooting qualifying scores and then the top teams shoot in a shoulder-to-shoulder final in Sheffield. There is also an outdoor competition which takes place in Warrington each year in April. 

In addition to the in-person competitions, we shoot postal competitions. This is where you shoot the competition cards in our range and they are sent to the competition organiser to be scored (hence the name postal!). These competitions are organised in such a way that you will only be competing against people of a similar skill level.

It is not mandatory to participate in competitions if you do not want to! We encourage it and will help anyone compete but it is not a requirement. 

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